In order to leave a comment on EANpages, you need to be a registered user of the EAN website

If you are already registered, just click on the link in “You must be logged in to post a comment”, fill in your username an click on “Log In”.
On the next step you are on the login page of the EAN website to fill in your password. Click “Log In” once again and you will be redirected to the EANpages article which you want to comment.

You will find a link to register or to get your lost password on every step.

If you have written an article on EANpages or wish to refer to one of the articles/ comments on EANpages, please use the following: Lastname, F. (yyyy, month dd). EANpages. (EAN, Editor) Accessed month dd, Available from:

If you intend to contribute an article to EANpages or write a comment, please use Vancouver style. Detailed information can be found here: Vancouver style guideline